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Homebirth: Postcode


Year of baby's birth


Satisfaction with care from midwives: 

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from obstetricians:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from GP:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with quality of processes/facilities:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with birth experience overall:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Model of care

Private midwife

Why did you choose this model of care?

After a traumatic experience with a private obstetrician, I wanted a better experience with proper continuity of care

What were your choices for this birth?

Water immersion for labour and birth, Support for normal vaginal birth, Homebirth with a registered private midwife, Unmedicalised birth process, Birth support team of my choice (no visitor restrictions), Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

How did your birth start?

Spontaneous labour (started naturally)

What were your outcomes?

Water immersion for labour, Water immersion for birth, Instinctive pushing (ie not coached), Grazing/1st-2nd degree tear, Vaginal birth, Physiological 3rd stage (natural placenta birth without syntocinon), Vaginal Birth after Caesaren (VBAC), Unplanned freebirth

Details of experience

My private midwife was very understanding of my need for detailed planning and self-determined decision making throughout my pregnancy. She listened to the story of my previous traumatic birth - an unplanned, unnecessary caesarean, answered my questions, supported all my decisions, and helped build my confidence. She supported my choice to have a doula present as well. I was lucky again to have an easy, very healthy pregnancy. I had a 3-day pre-labour, and she was patient and encouraging throughout the frustration of having things seem to start and stop all day. When things finally started for real, I ended up labouring so quickly that she didn't make it in time, arriving just a few minutes after my baby was born. It was such a great experience - I came out of my birth feeling so powerful and whole. So much better than the awful way I was treated for my caesarean birth.

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