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Homebirth: Postcode


Year of baby's birth


Satisfaction with care from midwives: 

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from obstetricians:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from GP:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with quality of processes/facilities:

GreatVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with birth experience overall:

GreatVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Model of care

Known midwife (MGP/birth ctr in pub. hosp.)

Why did you choose this model of care?

Continuity of care

What were your choices for this birth?

Water immersion for labour and birth, Support for normal vaginal birth, Unmedicalised birth process

How did your birth start?

Induction of labour

What were your outcomes?

Transferred from home/low risk birth service to hospital due to diagnosed risk, Staff I didn't know attending me, Birth support team of my choice, Water immersion for labour, CTG monitoring (continuous monitoring of baby's heartbeat), Induction/augmentation of labour, Instinctive pushing (ie not coached), 3rd/4th degree perineal tear, Vaginal birth

Details of experience

Although my birth was induced I was happy with my process being very welcome to ask questions and ask for things or say no to things. I was 42+5 and had been offered 3 other inductions and refused. This one was consented to and I felt informed and aware of my power. I was encouraged to birth without any pain management and was supported to "push" for over 3 hours. I don't feel traumatized or resentful about my birth outcome. I had my byron student midwife present at all times and all of my midwifes were wonderful.

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