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Atherton Hospital

Year of baby's birth


Satisfaction with care from midwives: 

Very poorVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from obstetricians:

Not greatVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from GP:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with quality of processes/facilities:

Very poorVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with birth experience overall:

GreatVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Model of care

Midwifery clinic (pub. hosp.)

Why did you choose this model of care?

What were your choices for this birth?

Access to medical care/surgery if nec (eg c-section)

How did your birth start?

Spontaneous labour (started naturally)

What were your outcomes?

Staff I didn't know attending me, Prevented from having birth support team of my choice, Caesarean section

Did you feel you could say No to care/treatments offered (or change your mind about your choices) at any time?


Details of experience

I have rated my overall birth satisfaction as high due to my self advocacy and confidence to stand firm with certain requests with regard to my birth experience, no thanks to the staff or policies in place. I have no doubt my experience would have been very different if I had not been educated and empowered during my first birth, which was with an MGP midwife at the same hospital who has since left. It would seem that midwife leaving has caused the unit to change rather dramatically and the level of care and respect once shown is no longer present.

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