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Homebirth: Postcode


Year of baby's birth


Satisfaction with care from midwives: 

GoodVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from obstetricians:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from GP:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with quality of processes/facilities:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with birth experience overall:

Not greatVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Model of care

Private obstetrician

Why did you choose this model of care?

I just thought it was the done/ best thing at the time.

What were your choices for this birth?

Support for normal vaginal birth, Unmedicalised birth process

How did your birth start?

Spontaneous labour (started naturally)

What were your outcomes?

CTG monitoring (continuous monitoring of baby's heartbeat), Induction/augmentation of labour, Epidural, Instrumental delivery (Vacuum extraction/Forceps), Grazing/1st-2nd degree tear, Vaginal birth, Breastfeeding difficulties

Details of experience

Water broke no labour.
So put on drip. Posterior baby and drip hurts a lot ( now birthed 4 babies and this was the worst). No support on position changes to help decent. Not able to really be active due to drip.
Got epidural. Didn’t work one side, got redone. Heart rate declined got skull cap monitoring.
Couldn’t feel to push. Vacuum then forceps.
Obstetrician did what his job was.
Mid wife was nice but no support or assistance nothing like having a
Private midwife.

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