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Homebirth: Postcode


Year of baby's birth


Satisfaction with care from midwives: 

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from obstetricians:

GoodVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with care from GP:

Very poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with quality of processes/facilities:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Satisfaction with birth experience overall:

ExcellentVery poorNot greatGoodGreatExcellent

Model of care

Known midwife (MGP/birth ctr in pub. hosp.)

Why did you choose this model of care?

I knew the benefits of midwifery coninuity

What were your choices for this birth?

Water immersion for labour and birth, Support for normal vaginal birth, Unmedicalised birth process, Birth support team of my choice (no visitor restrictions), Access to medical care/surgery if nec (eg c-section)

How did your birth start?

Spontaneous labour (started naturally)

What were your outcomes?

Attended by my known midwife/doctor, Birth support team of my choice, Water immersion for labour, Water immersion for birth, CTG monitoring (continuous monitoring of baby's heartbeat), Instinctive pushing (ie not coached), Grazing/1st-2nd degree tear, Vaginal birth

Details of experience

I received very supportive antenatal care from my known midwife during my first pregnancy. At term, my waters broke at home, so I called my midwife, another midwife answered but I knew her as well, and she suggested we go in for an assessment. Contractions started quickly and became intense soon after arriving at the hospital so I decided to stay rather than return home after the assessment. The midwife asked if I would like to have a vaginal examination and I said yes. But the contractions were too intense and I couldn't get on the bed so the midwife suggested I just get in the bath instead. I felt the urge to push soon after getting in the bath and began involuntarily pushing. The midwife continued to offer me words of encouragement. After about an hour of pushing my baby was born in the bath and supported by the midwife I lifted him to my chest myself. I decided to have an active third stage. I had no issues postnatally and my baby was well so I was able to go home 4 hours later and received support at home from my midwife in the coming days.

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